Terms Of Business


By placing an order you agree to have read and accepted our Terms Of Business.


We require payment to be made when an order is placed. Invoices are payable on receipt. Work will not commence until payment has been received. All payments and deposits including those for web and email hosting and domain renewals are non-refundable.

Orders for Websites

We design and develop websites for use with our supplied hosting for an initial period of 12 months. You will have the option to renew the supply and hosting of your website at 12 monthly intervals. Websites are not transferable to hosting systems other than our own. We do not supply copies of websites or their files to clients.


You will be sent an email reminder approximately one month before your 12 month hosting period ends with the option to renew.

Content Of Websites

Phase9 Digital is not responsible for the legality of content on clients websites. It is up to the client to ensure the content and legality of their websites.

Email Services

It is the responsibility of our clients to use the email services provided responsibly and to back up their own email if required. Clients should not use any supplied email services to spam or otherwise harass.

Termination of Our Services

Supply of our services including websites created and hosted by us, email services, domain services and any other services we supply will terminate and be deleted at the end of the 12 month period unless those services are renewed and paid for by the client at least 14 days before the end of the 12 month period.

Early Termination of Services

In the case of early termination of services before the 12 month period has expired, all websites created and hosted by us, email services, domain services and any other services we supply will terminate and be deleted either at an agreed date or in the case of domains being transferred away from us, termination date will be on the date the domain(s) are no longer controlled at our domain registrar. Any prepaid fees that have been made for services are non-refundable.

Transferring Domains Away

If a clients wishes to transfer a domain away from our control we will charge a fee of £60.

Supply of Service

Phase9 Digital is not responsible for any losses including loss of business due to any downtime of clients pages or websites or any other services supplied or arranged.


Clients should only supply images and text to which they own the copyright or have written permission to use. It is up to the client to check they either own the copyright of images or to obtain permission from the copyright holder to use images they submit to us for use on their website.

Privacy Policy

We do not sell or pass on your information unless required to do so by law enforcement. Information you have submitted to be included on your web page(s) is publicly available on your web page(s). If you have submitted a separate email address in addition to the one on your web page it will only be used to contact you regarding our services.


We reserve our right to make any changes and updates to our Terms of Business and Privacy Policy without giving you notice as and when we need to. Our most up to date privacy policy is always available on our website.